3 Tier Weight Holder & 5 Tier Weight Rack Dumbbell Stand


Fitness Alley A-frame Dumbbell Weight Rack holder is small and compact in size and easy steel construction. A-frame dumbbell rack is light in weight. It can be moved at any time and takes up the smallest volume when assembled. It’s Available in 3 and 5 holders. Stackable weights options are neoprene, vinyl, and rubber dumbbells. Weight capacity of 3 holders is 120lbs and 5 holders is 200lbs, Dumbbell rack holder Easy to assemble, heavy-duty square tube steel and very stable with dumbbells racked. A-frame dumbbell rack works perfectly, fits in closet perfectly, and houses all of your dumbbell. These dumbbell weight racks take very little space and can be stacked anywhere without worrying about rolling as a result of their hex shape. Available in 3 tiers and 5 tiers sizes.

  • HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL WEIGHT RACK: Suitable dumbbells stand for stackable weights like neoprene, vinyl and rubber dumbbells
  • PORTABILITY FEATURE: Super mobile, ease of access, & occupies the least amount of space when assembled
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Dumbbell rack made of solid steel, well-balanced mechanism, & with a sleek exterior. Protects and prevents damage to dumbbell coating.
  • AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES: 3 tier & 5 tier dumbbell holder, whichever is desirable and well-matched for your personal gym. The 3 tier dumbbell rack can hold up to 120 lbs., while the 5 tier dumbbells stand can hold a maximum of 200 lbs.
  • FULL YEAR WARRANTY: Manufacturer’s 12-month warranty card included.

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